Akvarijum Bor

You are at the right place if you want to have healthy, beautiful, and exclusive fish that will probably put you in a league above your competition.

Wholesale and retail offers you a wide range of fish of the highest quality.
We offer Koi fish for your aquarium, but also Koi fish for your pools, garden lakes, fountains, then cold-water fish such as Goldfish and Fantails. We also have Tropical Fish. We offer Marine Fish, but we import them exclusively by order of customers.

Akvarijum Bor is an authorized general and exclusive distributor of Hazorea Aquatics for the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • zlatne_ribice

Goldfish Comets and Fantails

We are the only supplier of Goldfish that can supply you throughout the year with all types and all sizes of Goldfish of exceptional colors.

  • Biosecure Koi

Biosecure Koi

Aquarium Bor offers you a large selection of colors and types of Biosecure Koi. Enrich your aquariums, garden pools, backyard lakes, and fountains with beautiful fish.

  • tropske

Tropical Fish

Akvarijum Bor will have Betta Splendens, Colisa Fish, Guppy, Platy, Poecilia Velifera, Doctor fish (Garra Rufa), and other species in its stock.

  • morske

Marine Fish

At the beginning of our work, we will import Marine Fish only for known customers. We are open to cooperation and any kind of agreement.


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