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Are your Koi different from Japanese Koi? If so, what is the difference?2020-11-10T22:27:31+01:00

The quality of our Koi has significantly improved in the past decade, with farms investing massively in new brood stock to improve new varieties as well as their own broodstock. The body shape and color of many varieties are now as good as those of the Japanese Koi.
The choice of varieties is not a strong point for many Japanese dealers, who mainly deal with Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa. We offer a wealth of varieties that are not usually offered from Japan and we believe that today many varieties surpass those found in Japan (if you can find them there at all).

Can I be sure Hazorea Koi are absolutely disease free?2020-11-10T22:27:17+01:00

You can be sure that when a Hazorea Koi leaves our facility it is neither diseased, nor is it a carrier of any kind of disease.

Can I mix Hazorea Koi with Koi that I have in my pond and that I bought from other sources?2020-11-10T22:27:03+01:00

Yes. Hazorea Koi can be mixed with Koi from any Japanese (or other) breeder, provided you take the usual precautions that you should take when adding any new Koi to your pond.

Are Biosecure Koi more susceptible to disease or parasites?2020-11-10T22:30:14+01:00

Biosecure Koi are less susceptible to diseases and parasites because they have been grown in closed systems, where it is almost impossible for the most dangerous viruses to reach, and brood stock is in systems where they have already been exposed to many common pathogens and developed a relatively strong immune system.

Are Biosecure Koi adaptable to human presence and hand feeding?2020-11-10T22:33:08+01:00

Biosecure Koi are grown all their lives in heavily stocked systems where they are constantly handled and hand-fed, so they are more used to human presence and less shy.

Can Israeli Koi, grown in warm water, withstand cold winter temperatures?2020-11-10T22:35:38+01:00

Yes. Hazorea Biosecure Koi have been sold successfully for many years in Canada, Scandinavia, and other countries where ponds freeze over in winter. Koi Carp can withstand cold temperatures wherever they were born and raised, provided they are given time to acclimate. Hazorea Biosecure Koi are no different and need a period of a few weeks to adjust to cold (under 10ºC/50ºF) temperatures. So if you bought your Koi in summer they should have no problem adjusting to the changing seasons.

What is KHV?2020-11-10T22:38:01+01:00

It is an abbreviation for Koi Herpes Virus. It is characteristic of Koi fish and carp for human consumption. Although discovered earlier, in 1998 it experienced its expansion and expanded to many farms and ponds around the world. It is thought to have originated in some open fishponds in Eastern Europe. In those years, great fish deaths and huge losses were recorded in the world. The virus is dangerous because it can stay inside Koi fish for a long time without being noticed, and they can be carriers of this virus.

What is the best protection against KHV?2020-11-10T22:40:09+01:00

The best protection against KHV is to buy Koi fish that carry the Biosekoi label. Biosekoi fish are produced in closed facilities under strict rules and it is almost impossible for KHV to enter such a production system, unlike open fishponds where KHV can often occur. Also, Hazorea Aquatics owns a health certificate from their state ministry that their Biosekoi fish don’t have and aren’t carriers of the KHV virus.

Are Hazorea Koi fish examined regularly and where?2020-11-10T22:42:35+01:00

Hazorea Koi fish are examined regularly at the Israeli Agricultural Ministry animal health laboratories and at the CEFAS laboratories in the UK. These tests include testing by PCR and ELISSA assays.

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