1. Throughout the year, regardless of the month, you can get fish that has its naturally strong color from the smallest to the largest size, in the quantities you need.
2. We don’t supply “B” and “C” class fish but only healthy “A” class fish at reasonable and competitive prices. The higher level is “Selected” fish and the highest quality is “Premium” fish at slightly higher prices for exclusive aquariums.
3. Our fish arrive in the exceptional stress-free condition, as it travels only a few hours from the farms to us.
4. We don’t supply fish that has been cured or treated with chemicals.
5. We guarantee that our fish isn’t vaccinated and sterilized, so you can breed it.
6. Our foreign partner isn’t only the largest exporter of fish in the world, from Singapore to England, but is also the only one that has some types of Koi Fish in its offer that you can’t even find in Japan.
7. Our Koi Fish are the most sought-after in the world because they are not bred in pools, lakes, and outdoor ponds but only indoors, thus eliminating the possibility of being infected or suffering from the most dangerous and prevalent KHV virus and other diseases. That’s why it is called Biosekoi.
That’s the reason why our Koi Fish don’t need to be vaccinated, which is forbidden in many countries because it always carries a potential danger that the vaccinated fish will transmit and escalate the mentioned virus.
8. Our Biosekoi Fish have a large threshold of temperature tolerance, so they can live in garden lakes under the ice, as well as in aquariums in pet shops where the temperature is up to 28 °C.
9. We can provide Goldfish of exceptional colors in all sizes, intended for pet shops or the ornamental lakes, fountains, etc.
10. Our Goldfish which have a deep red color, as well as Black Goldfish, are widely used in Feng Shui, and Doctor fish (Garra rufa) is used in the treatment of skin diseases and in spa centers. We also offer many other types of fish that are appearing on our market for the first time.
Doctor ribica (Garra rufa)
Doctor Fish (Garra rufa)
Feng shui
  • zlatne_ribice

Goldfish Comets and Fantails

We are the only supplier of Goldfish that can supply you throughout the year with all types and all sizes of Goldfish of exceptional colors.

  • Biosecure Koi

Biosecure Koi

Aquarium Bor offers you a large selection of colors and types of Biosecure Koi. Enrich your aquariums, garden pools, backyard lakes, and fountains with beautiful fish.

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Tropical Fish

Akvarijum Bor will have Betta Splendens, Colisa Fish, Guppy, Platy, Poecilia Velifera, Doctor fish (Garra Rufa), and other species in its stock.

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Marine Fish

At the beginning of our work, we will import Marine Fish only for known customers. We are open to cooperation and any kind of agreement.

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