About Us

Akvarijum Bor was founded by Mr. Božidar Dimitrijević in 1960. The activity was the production of aquarium fish, aquarium heaters, and aquarium construction.
In 1976, after the sudden death of the owner, Akvarijum Bor was taken over by his son Mirko Dimitrijević at only 16 years old.
In 1989, Akvarijum Bor was registered as the first pet shop in eastern Serbia, which is still in the same place and the same address for its retail customers.
In 2002, Akvarijum Bor re-registered and expanded its activities. The activity is wholesale and retail, production, and the representation of foreign companies.
To this day, Akvarijum Bor is also known to customers for the sale of Dr. Axelrod’s Atlas (printed in the USA), home fountains of the German manufacturer, and aquarium decor of the French company Tropic Cascade.
Today, in 2019, we are proud to point out that we are the general and exclusive distributor for the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, of the largest producer of ornamental fish in the world, the company Hazorea Aquatics from Israel.

It is a great honor for us to have a partnership

  • zlatne_ribice

Goldfish Comets and Fantails

We are the only supplier of Goldfish that can supply you throughout the year with all types and all sizes of Goldfish of exceptional colors.

  • Biosecure Koi

Biosecure Koi

Aquarium Bor offers you a large selection of colors and types of Biosecure Koi. Enrich your aquariums, garden pools, backyard lakes, and fountains with beautiful fish.

  • tropske

Tropical Fish

Akvarijum Bor will have Betta Splendens, Colisa Fish, Guppy, Platy, Poecilia Velifera, Doctor fish (Garra Rufa), and other species in its stock.

  • morske

Marine Fish

At the beginning of our work, we will import Marine Fish only for known customers. We are open to cooperation and any kind of agreement.

Note: All images and videos are owned by Hazorea Aquatics and mustn’t be used without permission.